January 12-13,2019



National Faculty


International Faculty


About FILD 2019

It is a great pleasure to invite you to our sixth annual “Frontiers in Liver Diseases” Meeting (FILD 2019) jointly organized by the Integrated Liver Care (ILC) Foundation, Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore and Aster Medcity, Kochi. The theme for this year’s meeting is “Changing Trends in Liver Disease and Transplantation.”

FILD focuses on the recent advances in the management of patients with chronic liver disease, cirrhosis, liver failure, and liver cancer. It also aims to apprise the practicing gastroenterologist/hepatologist on the latest developments in the field of liver transplant. A major focus, this year, will be on case based panel discussions that would aim to integrate concepts of evidence based care and expert opinion into real life clinical practice.

The highlights of the program includes:

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Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore


Organizing Team

Dr. Kaiser Raja

Dr. Sonal Asthana

Dr. Rajiv Lochan

Dr. Mathew Jacob

Dr. Charles Panackel

Dr. Naveen Ganjoo

Dr. Mallikarjun Sakpal

Dr. Rehan Saif

Dr. Noushif M

Dr. Rommel S


International Faculty

Lawrence Liu - Philipinnes | Glen Bonney - Singapore | Constantine Karvellas - Canada


National Faculty

Abby Philips – Kochi
Abraham Koshy – Kochi
AC Anand – Delhi
Akash Shukla – Mumbai
Amit Rastogi – Delhi
Amitab Jerat – Amritsar
Balbir Singh – Hyderabad
Chalapathi Rao – Vizag
KN Chandan Kumar – Chennai
Chirag Desai – Ahmedabad
Dharmesh Kapoor – Hyderabad
GN Ramesh – Kochi
Gurbilas Plato – Amritsar
Hitesh Chavda – Ahmedabad
Ismail Siyad – Kochi
J S Sidhu – Amritsar
Joy Varghese – Chennai
Naimish Mehta – Delhi
Nalini Prasad – Vijaywada
Narendra Choudhury – New Delhi
Naveen Kalra – Chandigarh
Neeraj Saraf – Delhi
Neerav Goyal – Delhi
Nirmaljit Singh – Ludhiana
Pankaj Puri – Delhi
Parijat Gupte – Mumbai

Pavan Hanchanale – Pune
Philip Augustine – Kochi
Pradeepta Sethy – Kolkata
Prashant Bhangui – Delhi
Pratap Mouli – Vijaywada
Rahul Rai – Jaipur
Rajesh – Guntur
Rajiv Ranjan Singh – Patna
Rajiv Dogra – Himachal
Rajneesh Reddy – Ananthpur
Rakhi Maiwall – Delhi
Rakshekhar Perumala – Chennai
Raman Girn – Ludhiana
Ravinder Malhotra – Amritsar
Rosh Varghese – Kochi
Sachin Palnitkar – Pune
Sethu Babu – Hyderabad
Shaleen Agarwal – Delhi
Sudhindran – Kochi
Sunil Taneja – Chandigarh
Vikas Gupta – Amritsar
Vinit Shah – Pune
Virender Singh – Chandigarh
Vivek Shanmugam – Chennai
Vivek Vij – New Delhi



Karnataka Faculty

Abid Sattar - Mysore
Adarsh CK - Bangalore
Amrutesh - Bangalore
Anand Dotihal - Bangalore
Anirudha Umarji - Bijapur
Aradya - Mysore
Avinash B - Bangalore
BN Prashant - Tumkur
Basant M - Bangalore
BV Tantry - Mangalore
Chandrababu - Mysore
Chandrashekar - Mangalore
Col. Ramaswamy - Bangalore
Deepak Suvarna - Mysore
Devaraja R - Mysore
Dheeraj Karanth - Bangalore
Dinesh Kini - Bangalore
Gayatri Gopal - Bangalore
Harish Reddy - Bangalore
Harshad Devarbhavi - Bangalore
Jayanth Reddy - Bangalore
Kannan Ramaswamy- Bangalore
Kaushik BPN - Bellary
Kishore - Bangalore
KNK Shetty - Bangalore
KS Poornachandra - Bangalore
Laxmikant Desai - Hubli
Lorance Peter - Bangalore
M N Vijay Kumar - Bangalore
Madhu MP - Bangalore
Mahesh Gopashetty - Bangalore
Mallikarjun - Bangalore
Manjunath S M - Bangalore
Mansoor Ali - Bellary
Mohit Shetty - Bangalore
Nagamalesh - Bangalore
Nagesh Gowda - Bangalore
Nagraj Kotli - Gulbarga
Nandheesh - Mysore

Naresh Bhat - Bangalore
Naveed Azam - Bangalore
Olith Selvan - Bangalore
Parvesh Jain - Bangalore
Pradeep Kumar - Shimoga
Prasanna Rao - Bangalore
Praveen Kumar - Bangalore
Preetam Hurkadli - Hubli
Prithvi Priyadarshini - Mysore
Radhesh - Bangalore
Raghavendra - Mangalore
Rajiv Jakareddy - Bijapur
Rajkumar Wadhwa - Mysore
Ravichand Siddachari - Bangalore
Ravindra BS - Bangalore
S Rama Rao - Bangalore
Sandeep Satsangi - Bangalore
Sanjay Govil - Bangalore
Sanjiv Chatni - Hubli
Santosh Hajare - Belguam
Satish Rao - Mysore
Satyaprakash - Bangalore
Shiran Shetty - Mangalore
Shivakumar - Shimoga
Shivanand Patil - Gulbarga
Shivprasad - Mangalore
Siddeshi - Davangere
Srinivas D - Bangalore
ST Gopal - Bangalore
Suhas Kalghatagi - Hubli
Sumana KR - Bangalore
Suresh Raghavaiah - Bangalore
Sushruth - Bangalore
Swati Rajagopal - Bangalore
Umesh Jalihal - Bangalore
Vardaraj Gokak - Belguam
Veerendra Sandur - Bangalore
Vigna Raj Venugopal - Bangalore
Vijay Kumar TR - Mysore
Vishwanath Reddy - Raichur


Frontiers in Liver Diseases

Integrated Liver Care Foundation and Aster DM Healthcare

Changing Trends in Liver Disease and Transplantation – January 12 and 13, 2019

Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel, Bengaluru.

Event Schedule

Chronic Viral Hepatitis

1. Quantitative HBsAg monitoring in clinical practice
    -  Dr. Pankaj Puri, Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi

2. HBV reactivation in patients on immunosuppression and biologicals
    -  Prof. A C Anand, Head - Dept. of Gastroenterology, Kaligna Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhubaneswar

3. Outcome of DAA therapy in decompensated HCV cirrhosis
    - Dr. Lawrence Liu, Senior Consultant Hepatologist, Cebu Doctors University Hospital, Philippines

Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis

1. Steatosis and Metabolic Risk Factors: Who gets progressive liver disease?
     - Dr. Sethu Babu, Head of Dept. of Gastroenterology, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad

2. MRI for non-invasive diagnosis of NASH
     - Dr. Radhesh, Radiologist, Celara Diagnostics, Bangalore

3. The future of therapy for NASH
     - Prof. Akash Shukla, Head of Dept. of Gastroenterology, LTM Medical College, Mumbai

Panel Discussion

NASH: Putting it all in practice

Moderator: Dr. Charles Panackel, Hepatologist, Aster Medcity, Kochi

Guest Lecture

The Window of Transplant in ACLF

     - Dr. Constantine Karvellas, Hepatologist/Critical Care, University of Alberta, Canada

Alternative Liver Support/Regeneration

1. Gut Liver Axis and Implications for Therapy
    - Dr. Cyriac Abby Philips, Consultant Hepatologist, Cochin Gastroenterology Group at EMC, Kochi

2. Evolving role of Plasmapheresis in Liver Failure
    - Dr. Rakhi Maiwall, Associate Professor of Hepatology, ILBS, New Delhi

Autoimmune Liver Disease

1. Autoimmune Hepatitis – Immunosuppression beyond Azathioprine
     - Dr. Sunil Taneja, Hepatologist, PGIMER, Chandigarh

2. IgG4 related hepatobiliary diseases
     - Dr. Salem Awadh / Dr. Makki Fayadh , Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist, Advanced Centre for Daycare Surgery, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

3. Approach to diagnosis and management of seronegative AIH
     - Dr. Neeraj Saraf, Hepatologist, Medanta, Gurgaon

Panel Discussion

Controversies and Unmet needs in Autoimmune Hepatitis

Moderator:Dr. Kaiser Raja, Hepatologist, Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore

Renal dysfunction in end stage liver disease

1. Ascites and Renal dysfunction - Management in patients awaiting transplant
     - Prof. Virender Singh, Dept. of Hepatology, PGIMER, Chandigarh

2. Impact of Renal dysfunction in patients undergoing Liver Transplant
     - Dr. Olith Selvan, Hepatologist, Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore

Guest Lecture

1. Newer ablative techniques for HCC – IRE and Cryoablation
    - Prof. Naveen Kalra, Dept. of Radiodiagnosis, PGIMER, Chandigarh

2. NASH and Liver Transplantation: Challenges for the next decade
    - Dr. Lawrence Liu, Senior Consultant Hepatologist, Cebu Doctors University Hospital, Philippines

Selection of Patients for Liver Transplantation

1. Treatable cause of cirrhosis – when to offer transplant
     - Dr. Joy Varghese, Hepatologist, Gleneagles Global Hospital, Chennai

2. Liver Transplantation in patients with Cardiac disease
     - Dr. Nagamalesh, Cardiologist, Narayana Health, Bangalore

3. Liver Transplantation in patients with MDR infections
     - Dr. Swati Rajagopal, Infectious Diseases, Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore

4. Liver Transplantation in sarcopenic patients
     - Dr. Vinit Shah, Hepatologist, Sahaydri Hospitals, Pune

Panel Discussion

From Decompensated Cirrhosis to Transplantation

Moderator:Dr. Mallikarjun, Hepatologist, Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore




Patients with low MELD should be offered LDLT

For:Dr. Shaleen Agarwal, HPB/Transplant Surgeon, Max Superspeciality Hospital, New Delhi

Against:Dr. Ismail Siyad, Gastroenterologist, Aster Medcity, Kochi

Post Transplant Care

1.Current protocols for Immunosuppression minimization and withdrawal
     - Dr. KN Chandan Kumar, Hepatologist, Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre, Chennai

2. Rejection in Liver Transplantation
     - Dr. Dharmesh Kapoor, Hepatologist, Global Hospital, Hyderabad

3. Long term Management of Post Transplant patients
     - Dr. Parijat Gupte, Hepatologist, Jupiter Hopsital, Thane

Panel Discussion

Improving Long-term Post Transplant Survival

Moderator:Dr. Naveen Ganjoo, Hepatologist, Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore



Technology and Transplantation

1.Minimally invasive Donor Hepatectomy
     - Dr. Sudhindran, HPB/Transplant Surgeon, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi

2.ABO incompatible Liver Transplantation
     - Dr. Prashant Bhangui, HPB/Transplant Surgeon, Medanta, Gurgaon

3.Ensuring Donor safety in Living Donor Liver Transplantation
     - Dr. Vivek Vij, HPB/Transplant Surgeon, Fortis Hospitals, New Delhi


HCC can be prevented by long-term antiviral use in chronic Hepatitis B infection

For:Dr. Narendra Choudhary, Hepatologist, Medanta, Gurgaon

Against:Dr. Chalapathi Rao Achanta, Gastroenterologist, KIMS Icon Hospital, Vishakapatnam

Hepatocellular Carcinoma

1.HCC in obesity, diabetes and NASH
     - Dr. Abraham Koshy, Hepatologist, Lakeshore Hospital, Kochi

2.Assessment of cirrhotic patients with HCC for liver resection
     – Dr. Mathew Jacob, HPB/Transplant Surgeon, Aster Medcity, Kochi

3.Non-hepatic surgery in patients with advanced liver disease
     - Dr. Ravinder Malhotra, Director Surgical Services, Sarvhit Gastrocity, Amritsar


HCC - Size and number play an important role in determining candidates for Liver Transplantation

For:Dr. Neerav Goyal, HPB/Transplant Surgeon, Apollo Hospital, New Delhi

Against:Dr. Amit Rastogi, HPB/Transplant Surgeon, Medanta, Gurgaon

Panel Discussion

Multidisciplinary management of HCC

Moderator:Dr. Rajiv Lochan, HPB/Transplant Surgeon, Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore

Event Location

Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel
17 and 17/1, Madhava Nagar Extension,
Race Course Rd,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

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